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• Mold removal

We offer mold removal services to residential homes and businesses. We use high quality mold removal tools and equipments that effectively and efficiently remove mold on all type of surfaces. We are one of the most reputable mold removal companies that has been known to provide effective and high quality services for years. Our mold removal services are very affordable thus you do not have to worry about our charges.


• Mold remediation

Mold remediation involves identifying the main cause of the mold so as to ensure that the mold does not come back. Mold spores thrive on moist surfaces thus our mold removal experts will address any sink and water source leakage that could be causing moist grounds which is an ideal environment for mold to thrive and grow. Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company will inspect all the water sources in your home or business to ensure that there are no leakages. If there are any leakages on the water source, our experts will fix the problem and ensure that there is no water leakage.


• Damp proofing

Incorrect renovation and repair work on taps and water system in your business or home are the main causes for penetrating damp which creates a bleeding ground for mold. Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company undertakes a survey to understand and correctly diagnose the damp problems you are having in your home or business. We’ve have remediated enough properties and the businesses to realise what needs to be carried out to prevent any damp penetration.

To learn more about our mold removal services, call us on 800-569-5380.

Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company is a trusted black mold removal company that helps home owners and business owners get rid of mold. Here are the services that Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company offers.

Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company is a renowned mold removal company that has been providing quality and satisfying mold removal services. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should choose Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company.

  • - Fast and efficient

Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company is dedicated to responding immediately when you contact us on 800-569-5380. We believe that a fast response can help limit further damage and reduce the cost involved in mold removal thus we do our best to ensure that no further damage occurs on your home or business.

  • - Use of advanced mold remediation techniques and equipment

Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company uses advanced equipment to detect the source of water feeding the mold and they isolate the affected area using a negative air pressure chamber. We fix all leakages so as to avoid the mold from coming back.

  • - Highly trained and experienced mold remediation specialists

Our experts are well trained to safely handle any mold situation. We take our staff through vigorous training on applied microbial remediation, water damage restoration and applied structural drying sessions so as to ensure that they are well prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle any mold situation on your business or home.

For more information about Mold Removal Squad Mold Removal Company services, call us on 800-569-5380.

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